Artist Statement

MA Art & Science, Central Saint Martins 2014-2016

In 2014 I began an MA in Art & Science, hoping to develop my painting

through two pathways: a deeper understanding of the neuroscience of 

visual perception, and a study of transient phenomena of light. The 

course led us through a rigorous, cathartic process, sometimes painful 

as I unravelled my practice. My dissertation unexpectedly (and 

tangentially) brought me to the 500-year old idea of painting on copper. I have always

 painted on stretched linen before, enjoying its silky surface which responds so well to 

oil paint. Copper is quite different to work on and prepare, needs different

and offers new possibilities.

Transience has been a feature of my subject matter for some years: I chose shadows
and reflections for my MA series. These can be enigmatic when separated from their
source. Neuroscience demonstrates that meaning is not inherent in the observed 

world: rather, our perceptual apparatus interprets what we see according to factors
such as acculturation and memory. 

In Subtle Bodies, the copper plate interplays with fine oil glazes, accentuating
luminosity and reflection on the surface and etched through to the ground.

in mid-air, they cast their own shadows as the light changes throughout

 the day. The 
term subtle body usually refers to the immaterial self, the essence. It is

here to express transient phenomena of light: the immaterial embodied. 


CV 2016

Group Shows: 

Central Saint Martins Unfolding Realities MA Art Science Degree Show 2016 

Espacionomadic, Going Places, Menier Gallery, Southwark 2012

Mind_MAtters, Central Saint Martins 2015

Euroart Open Studios, London 2015

You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly, The Laundry, Hackney 2015

Euroart Open Studios, London 2014

Colourworks, *espacio gallery, 2014

Euroart Open Studios, London 2013

Layer on Layer, Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church 2012

Euroart Open Studios, London, 2012

Lift-Off espaciogallery Bethnal Green 2012

Opening show *espacio gallery, Bethnal Green 2012

EspacionotInTransit Willesden Library 2012

EspacioNomadic, Menier Gallery, Southwark 2011

Euroart Open Studios, London, 2011

Pincet en Penceel, Dutch Medical Art Society, Hengelo, Netherlands, 2010

Euroart Open Studios, London, 2010

Degree Show, Sir John Cass School of Art, London, 2009 (1st Class Honours)

Ought to Be Bought, Unit 2 Gallery, Sir John Cass School of Art, London, 2009

(Auction co-organiser with Dolores de Sade, Amy Jowett,, Charlotte Barker ) 

The Golden Age of Hollywood, Film Screenings at The Star Theatre, London, 2008-9 

Japanese Ink Painting, Burgh House, London, 2008 

Two and a Half D, Brick Lane Gallery, London, 2007

Index, Transition Gallery, LMU Students, London, 2006

Transcultural Transformations: Anglo-Pakistan Animation Project, London, 2004-5 

Two Women Show with Helen Petit, Lauderdale House, London, 1986

Two Women Show with Helen Petit, Lauderdale House, London, 1984 

Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 1980


34 Children's and Educational Books, Various Publishers, 1978-90 


The Other Award - Author/Illustrator: Abdul at the Party, Burke Publishing, 1984